Libya’s Big Beef over a Little Stew:
Why were Americans Really Murdered?

October 3, 2012

Marwan is very confused and suspicious over all the trumped-up excuses the Administration and their lackeys in the media keep trying to pin the 911 murders of the US ambassador to Libya and three other Americans on.

Marwan's Corner

He, like anybody with common sense, knows that there is more behind this terrorist attack than the official reporting is letting onto.

So, in a desperate attempt at getting to the truth, Marwan introduces us to his friend Barry. Marwan is intent on getting to the truth about why the Administration keeps insisting that a Tagine Stew Tax was behind the murders of our Libyan Ambassador and the three other American personnel.

Marwan is pretty certain that the Administration is trying to offset the blame on a fictional Tagine Stew Tax for their inept management and failed Middle East policies in an attempt to secure re-election…and that the media is willing to sacrifice in vain these murdered Americans for ideological purposes.

He suspects a cover-up but Barry keeps ducking the question and insisting that the Middle East should Pay Their Fair Share!

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