Is There A Liar In The House?

July 19, 2007 

Proof-positive that Pakistan’s President Pervez Musharraf was correct in having his military storm the “Red Mosque” and kill a bunch of Islamic militants is the resulting outcry from a bunch of: lying MSM types, lying Clerics and...lying Militants (if this isn’t being redundant). 

In fact, liars seem to be at the top of the Muslim world’s demographic base. 

As the Washington Post summed-up the after-battle... A day after Pakistani commandos killed the last Islamic militants barricaded inside the Red Mosque complex, the army guided journalists around the shattered masonry and blackened interiors Thursday amid lingering questions over how many civilians died. 

A cogent person might also have “lingering questions” over the identities of the militants killed and were any of them on known terror watch lists.  But that is not the Washington Post’s mission.   

And then...Qazi Hussain Ahmed, chief of Pakistan's biggest Islamic party, Jamaat-e-Islami (JI), alleged (emphasis added) Thursday that between 400 and 1,000 students and their teachers died in the army attack _ but he offered no evidence (emphasis added). He said he would file a legal case against Pakistan's president, Gen. Pervez Musharraf, over the deaths. 

At least the Post accounted for the whereabouts of five or six “innocents” when it mentioned that...Maj. Gen. Waheed Arshad pointed inside a small, charred, windowless room, saying a suicide bomber blew himself up with five or six hostages during the commando assault. 

This is the same Qazi Hussain Ahmed who fomented murder and riots over cartoons in Denmark and Qurans at GITMO.  CNS (Cybercast News Service) reported that he...has called the United States a "world terrorist"...(and) also advocated "martyrdom operations" in Iraq, Israel, Chechnya and Kashmir. JI boasts of maintaining "close brotherly relations" with and "practical links" to the Middle Eastern terrorist group Hamas." 

So now we know that Qazi supports the killing of Americans and, apparently, any other innocent infidel...or woman or child or cartoonist or flushing toilet that gets in the way of world-wide Islamic jihad.   

In case Qazi’s credibility is starting to confuse you, rest assured that he also contends that... Jamaat-i-Islami Pakistan has no knowledge about the Al-Qaeda. There are widespread doubts regarding the very existence of any such organisation. 

Qazi did however solicit support from the American Pakistani community for the 2000 election of the current President Bush.  The way Qazi saw it, the first President Bush... refrained from acting on a report from the Counter-Terrorism Division of the State Department in 1992, recommending that Pakistan be declared a State-sponsor of international terrorism....and Mr. Al Gore was pro-Israel and, in this connection, refer to his selection of a Jewish leader as his running mate. 

What the hell...Qazi could bide waiting another year until 9/11. In the meantime, this political leader of Fundamentalist Muslims might as well get a pro-Pakistani administration elected in the US. 

What he didn’t count on was the Bush reaction to 9/11 and the cultivation of a loosely cooperative anti-terrorist alliance between Bush and Musharraf. 

And this is what the flak over the Red Mosque is really all about. 

Radical Islam wants to topple the Musharraf government and replace it with religious Islamic rule. 

The Musharraf government raided the Red Mosque to quell the revolutionary forces of pro-Taliban cleric Abdul Rashid Ghazi who was killed in the raid and his brother Abdul Aziz who was captured while trying to escape dressed in “a burka and high heels” (so much for the martyrdom of clerics). 

Although the Washington Post skeptically wrote this story as the big bad Musharraf government ruthlessly killing women and children to reach Ghazi because Ghazi and his supporters “spearheaded an increasingly violent vigilante campaign against vice in Islamabad”...that is not the complete truth unless the only truth is Islamic law. 

Ghazi and his radical followers were nothing more than the early days of the Afghani Taliban... They are now coming down from the mountains to spread their radical ideology in towns and cities by burning down DVD and TV shops, insisting that young men grow beards, forcibly recruiting schoolboys for the jihad and terrifying girls so that they won't attend school

Rest assured that the severing of limbs; the slitting of tongues and the return of bin Laden as a public celebrity were not far off if Ghazi had prevailed. 

And speaking of the Red Mosque...what “House of God” is equipped with “...three crates of gasoline bombs fashioned from green Sprite bottles, gas masks, machine guns, rocket-propelled grenades, recoilless rifles, dozens of AK-47 assault rifles, pistols and two-way radios...knives and homemade bombs the size of tennis balls”? 

The answer is a house of God owned and operated by al-Qaeda.   

From the Times of London, “AL-QAEDA’S leadership secretly directed the Islamic militants...armed revolt at the Red Mosque in Islamabad... up to 18 foreign fighters – including Uzbeks, Egyptians and several Afghans – had arrived weeks before the final shootout and set up firing ranges to teach students, including children, how to handle weapons... Al-Qaeda sought martyrdom...They wanted a poster boy for Pakistan and Ghazi was the perfect guy....” (Amnesty International skipped a beat in failing to protect those children). 

So, when scheming liars like Hamid Gul, former head of Pakistan’s ISI intelligence service, come out with condemnations like “The government is trying to hide the number of young girls killed.  As the truth comes out that young girls were gassed and burnt, riddled with bullets and killed, it’ll be bad for Musharraf”,,,remember that Gul himself is an al-Qaeda ally who longs to “give rise to the envisioned Islamist-run (NUCLEAR) power in place of the current Islamic State of Pakistan, perhaps led by former ISI chief and Osama bin Laden friend, Hamid Gul”. 

Those children were killed either because they wanted to be or were forced to be killed by the Islamic lunatics purposefully inciting the Red Mosque violence for political purposes. 

When 17 year-old Nasmeen was shot inside the mosque...all she could say was “It feels good, it’s martyrdom”.  I am not shedding a tear. 

Pakistan is rife with Islamic revolutionary forces looking for the opportunity to capture that nuclear nation and rule it et al. 

In June of this year, Ahmed Rashid wrote a piece in the Washington Post, America's Bad Deal With Musharraf, Going Down in Flames, in which he proffered that Musharraf’s government was “on the brink of disaster” partially as a result of “a government-led crackdown on lawyers, the opposition and the media” (so far so good) and a lack of democracy (apparently the Post believes that what “can’t” work in Iraq “can” work in Pakistan). 

Apparently (according to Rashid), “for the first time in U.S. history, nobody with serious Pakistan experience is working in the South Asia bureau of the State Department, on State's policy planning staff, on the National Security Council staff or even in Vice President Cheney's office”. 

Considering the bang-up job these people did in handling Iran during the Carter years (how do you spell clueless?), it’s probably a saving grace for the security of America that they are no longer employed. 

Rashid believes that, “the United States would be far safer if it pushed for a truly representative Pakistani government that could marginalize the jihadists, rather than placing all its eggs in Musharraf's basket...the Bush administration's policy of sticking by Musharraf is fast becoming eerily reminiscent of the Carter administration's policy of sticking by the shah of Iran.” 

But wait a minute...Carter did not stick by the Shah of Iran.  In fact, Carter was so air-headed and indecisive that he abandoned the Shah and enabled the Iranian mess that now threatens the free world.  How do you spell dimwit? 

Here is the Carter policy towards the Shah... During the Carter presidency, the State Department’s Bureau of Human Rights was headed by Patricia Derian, a liberal political activist who had worked in Mississippi during the American civil rights movement of the 1960s. Once appointed to State, Ms. Derian publicly deplored aspects of the Shah’s rule, particularly SAVAK, and issued low ratings for Iran’s ...treatment of dissidents. Aligned with Derian in a general way was President Carter’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Andrew Young, who on one occasion had referred to the Ayatollah Khomeini as a "saint." 

So much for the wisdom of “experienced professionals “. 

If Rashid wants his readers to learn the lessons from Iran and apply them to Pakistan...the only conclusion is that the “Red Mosque” was handled properly by Musharraf and ,before it is over, there will be the need for more of the same. 

Musharraf (like the Shah) is not America’s best friend...but he is a better friend than a Taliban-run nuclear Pakistan (or an Ayatollah Khomeini).


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