W...The Hypocrite That Keeps On Giving

June 21, 2007 

Tennessee Williams once noted that, “The only thing worse than a liar is a liar that's also a hypocrite!” 

While pumping-up his Amnesty bill at the National Hispanic Prayer Breakfast and Confrence in Washington DC, President Bush finally demonstrated a skill at something other than drinking...he is an A+ hypocritical liar. 

W spewed hypocrisy and lies from the first words of his remarks to the last. 

As President, W has never attended a CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference), the nation’s premier Conservative gathering...supposedly his base. 

When W was fishing for votes in early 2000, he addressed the 27th annual CPAC via a satellite hookup.  He pledged that “My administration will return to an American tradition of leadership and strength ... guided by American values and American interests not by foreign agendas and global committees."   

Talk about BS. 

Far from attending CPAC, W has progressively traveled from patronizing his Conservative base--to lying to them--and, finally, to despising them.   

Yet, when he thanked Rev. Luis Cortés, Jr. who, along with Esperanza USA, organized The National Hispanic Prayer Breakfast and Conference for his invitation to speak, W noted that “This isn't the first time... I'm proud to be back”. 

And then...speaking words which he has never uttered to the CPAC community, W slobbers, “I thank you for coming, and thanks for having me come. I appreciate your leadership”.   

Of course El Presidente W is thanking them for their “leadership”...Esperanza USA states that the purpose of the event is “...to bring Hispanic faith leaders together with their elected officials to discuss important issues to Hispanics and to fulfill our civic mandate and advocate on behalf of our community.”  He was singing Amnesty to the choir. 

I used to think that “our community” meant law-abiding, Constitution-loving, legal US citizens...not an ethnically focused Amnesty cabal advocating on the behalf of criminals. 

Somehow W doesn’t get this. 

W took another swipe at Conservatives by blowing his fellow elitist’s horn, “I'm pleased that two Senators who have got corazones grandes -- (laughter) -- on the immigration bill are with us today -- Senator Ted Kennedy and Senator Mel Martinez.” 

W certainly has something “grandes”...but it is not his “corazone”. 

Enough with the hypocrisy...let’s get to the lies. 

With a perfectly straight face, W assures the crowd that, “At this breakfast we set aside our politics and come together in prayer.” 

Imagine God’s surprise when W immediately quit praying and started politicking, “And I thank you for making comprehensive immigration reform your top priority. I share that priority...I appreciate the fact that you understand that members (of Congress) need to hear from you about where you think this country ought to go when it comes to immigration reform.” 

In the spirit of lie begetting lie, W just couldn’t resist reaching to the bottom of the moral bucket with this, “Today we're joined by a group of Hispanic American soldiers from Walter Reed Army Medical Center. I thank these brave men for stepping forward to protect our freedom. I join all of you in praying for their full recovery.” 

Does W have no shame? 

Imagine the hypocrisy and lies of thanking these brave Americans who were wounded in a pansy-ass politically correct police action and then treated at a hospital with “Burst steam pipes near electrical cables, rats, mold, and holes in floors and walls”.   

Or...over 4,500 pieces of mail addressed to wounded soldiers, some more than a year old, sitting undelivered at Walter Reed...W really “cares”. 

This is in sharp contract to the “Pepita (pumpkin seed) crusted bison, poblano whipped potatoes, fava bean and chanterelle ragout, apple chipotle sauce, and Shafer Cabernet Sauvignon ''Hillside Select'' 1994” that W feasted on with Vicente Fox during a 2001 White House dinner. 

How is W going to secure our borders when he can’t even secure Walter Reed Hospital which is less than 5 miles from the White House? 

He’s going to do it the same way he does everything: First he’ll make some dumb decision in God’s name; then he’ll throw some tax dollars at the problem and next, when everything is a mess, he’ll tell us that he is making progress...but it’s a long uphill battle. 

Lies, built upon hypocrisy, built upon lies, built upon hypocrisy.... 

Rest assured that he’s not alone at the top of his craft.  He ranks up there with other great legends of the sport such as Kim Jong-il and Teddy Kennedy. 

Hypocritical lying is nothing new to elitists.  It is just their form of tyranny against those they wish to control.   

Hundreds of thousands of North Koreans have died and many millions more suffer from malnutrition while Kim Jong-il “boasts the country's finest wine cellar with space for 10,000 bottles... and has a penchant for fine food such as lobster, caviar and the most expensive cuts of sushi that he has flown in to him from Japan”. 

Teddy Kennedy called any reduction in the inheritance tax an, “enormous giveaway to the richest of the rich”...yet his family benefits almost tax free from an offshore trust in...Fiji.   

The Clintons condemned school vouchers that would afford educational choice for the middle class while sending their daughter Chelsea to the exclusive Sidwell Friends PRIVATE School. 

But W may be the all-time best hypocritical liar...or the dumbest. 

He frames himself as a Conservative and then stabs Conservatives in the back.  He says he loves America and is currently trying to give it its biggest screwing in history with his Amnesty bill.  He says he is a man of God and then uses God like a Beltway lobbyist. 

The only real friends or support that W ever had came from the Conservative base that took him at his word and now...he has decided to eat his own. 

In the 2004 election, a Pew Hispanic Center analysis indicated that Bush received 40% of the Hispanic vote.  I wonder how many Conservatives voted for Kerry that year? 

In the 2006 midterm election, national exit polls for the House of Representatives and Senate showed that 69% of Latinos voted for Democrats and 30% for Republicans. 

How many Conservatives voted for Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi in 2006? 

Yet Bush is eager to drown his base in the Rio Grande for the love of his illegal immigrant “supporters”....and Teddy Kennedy. 

In his pathetic search for a legacy, any legacy, this failed man...this failed Conservative...this failed President is the political equivalent of Jeffrey Dahmer. 

If he ever recovers from his Amnesty dementia and looks around...well, maybe his mommy will still love him. 

And that goes for every RINO Senator riding his coattails across the border. 

Véale en 2008.


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