The Mouse That (Finally) Roared

May 24, 2007 

First the French elect Nicolas Sarkozy and now a proposal to profile God, is Europe finally starting to roar? 

That’s right, as America goes about defending itself with bright-bulb ideas like Compromise Immigration Legislation (Amnesty)...the European Union is actually doing something to defend its citizens from Islamic terrorists. 

Can you imagine that while the President and a vast majority of Congressional wimps protect America’s national security by: (1) flooding the U.S. with illegal aliens; (2) sacrificing the lives of brave American troops by waging politically correct “warfare” in Iraq and Afghanistan and (3) defending the illusion of the “religion of peace”...the Europeans are actually going to “to map out mosques on the continent to identify imams who preach radical Islam that raises the threat of homegrown terrorism.” 

It is a plan long overdue.   

And what about the U.S.?   

Investor’s Business Daily reports that, “ least Europe doesn't have the American Civil Liberties Union helping the enemy.” 

It seems that. “The ACLU was squawking as early as 2003, when the FBI simply started counting the 2,000 mosques in the U.S. Soon, the ACLU and Islamic organizations were suing the U.S. government and challenging the Patriot Act in court.”  Why doesn’t the ACLU do something useful like suing all those 7-11’s that illegally sell cigarettes and blunts to minors?  

Little wonder that Islamic terrorists, and their overwhelmingly supportive native Muslim populations, honestly believe that the U.S. is too preoccupied with weighty matters such as Same Sex Marriage to pay attention to something as serious as the destruction of the free world. 

Let’s follow the lead of the Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Carl Levin who proudly boasts that he “Voted NO on constitutional ban of same-sex marriage” while voting “NO on extending the PATRIOT Act's wiretap provision”. 

If you no longer recall, here’s Levin’s immediate response to the 9-11 attacks ...”in the quest to identify, locate, and bring to justice the perpetrators and sponsors of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States, the civil rights and liberties of...Sikh-Americans, should be protected.” 

While Levin does his best to protect the rights of Tinky Winky...” European Union security officials say they will analyze member-state mosques, examining the training and funding sources of imams, in a project to be completed by fall.” 

Let’s see the President and Congress get behind an idea like that. 

But don’t get your hopes up. 

While the Europeans go about the business of profiling the domestic incubators of Islamic terrorism, the U.S. will continue its very effective domestic anti-terrorism policy of groping (please follow this pathetic link) women in airports. 

While the U.S. government worries about offending Muslim sensibilities in this pansy-ass “war” on terrorism, American citizens are denied a proportion of their fundamental rights and Americans are dying. 

The recently foiled Fort Dix terror plot is a great argument for profiling in America.  When six Muslim men where recently arrested for attempting "to kill as many American soldiers as possible" at Fort Dix, NJ did the intelligence that foiled their plot come from any “moderate” Muslims?   

Of course came from a sharp kid working at a Circuit City.

Apparently, even the father of the plot’s ringleader, Serdar Tatar, only professes to know two things: (1) his son was working at a 7-11 and (2) “I love this country”.  The former is a no-brainer and the latter is suspect. 

Of one thing we are certain because it came straight from the mouth of Serdar Tatar...” I'm doing it in the name of Allah." 

Unless Tartar was a self-starter, the smoking gun here is some America-hating Imam spewing his vile filth within the protective confines of a Mosque. 

Common sense dictates that allowing someone like Omar Abdel-Rahman the unmonitored security of an American Mosque in 2007 would be like giving Joseph Goebbels a radio station in 1942.

And, if you need even more convincing, look at the new Pew Research poll results...26% of American Muslims under the age of 30 believe that suicide bombing is an acceptable solution to a problem and 60% refuse to admit that Muslims had anything to do with 9/11. 

That seemed “moderate” enough to prompt USATODAY’s headline “American Muslims reject extremes”.  

What a joke.       

FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III recently told NewsMax that, “Osama bin Laden and his terrorist group desperately want to obtain nuclear devices and explode them in American cities, especially New York and Washington, D.C”. 

More to the point, Mueller added that, “bin Laden is still active (and) continues to communicate with al-Qaida cells, some of which remain in the U.S.” 

Will it take a nuclear terrorist attack in a major American city to finally make America stop squeaking like a mouse and bring this war to victory? 

No country, the U.S. included, can protect itself by crawling into a defensive posture. 

Who has tighter security than Israel? 

Has that security stopped the terrorist attacks inside Israel? 

For all of the condemnation of Japanese internment during World War II, what is best remembered is the Japanese surrender on the USS Missouri.   

After a few short years of intensive war, America beat the Axis powers and those interned Japanese Americans had their full rights restored.   

Would they have rather enjoyed the privilege of being free from December 7, 1941 until an American defeat in 1945?  Would they have preferred being subjects of the Japanese Emperor and his ruling military junta in a post-war Japanese colony formerly known as America? 

If American Muslims think it is their right to publicly broadcast calls to prayer across American cities, why would they be so upset by the public broadcast of their Mosques’ “sermon”? 

Or is that a "moderate" message they would prefer the American people not to hear?


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