The Pot Calling The Kettle...
Whoops Don’t Want To Get Fired

April 19, 2007 

Don Imus’s legendary five words were nothing compared to what he could have said. 

If “That's some nappy-headed hos there” is bad enough to ruin a career, why don’t you try saying “White Privilege”? 

If there is a single word, or expression, in the English language that should merit the person who dares to even whisper it an immediate is “Privilege”...especially “White Privilege” (except if you are describing a Kennedy). 

This past weekend I went furniture shopping.  Looking around the showroom, I saw a completely furnished teenager’s room.  I couldn’t help but notice that the desk chair looked very stylish...but very uncomfortable. 

I mentioned this fact to a friend and reminisced about the thousands of hours I spent with my butt glued to a chair studying as a student.  How could you ever forget sitting with your head in a book long night after long night?  Especially while you were looking at that very uncomfortable looking desk chair. 

Which...made me think about the Duke lacrosse team fiasco.  

Ever since that low-life stripper (excuse me “student”) and her prosecutorial pimp wrongly accused three innocent Duke laxers of rape, the MSM has been awash in commentary condemning “White Privilege”. 

New York Times sports columnist, Selena Roberts, jumped into the Duke fray with a March 31, 2006 race-baiting commentary about "a group of privileged players of fine pedigree....”  

Even after their innocence was officially proclaimed by the North Carolina Attorney General, ABC’s Terry Moran felt compelled to continue the liberal self-hate diatribe by writing “DON'T FEEL TOO SORRY FOR THE DUKIES”.  And I quote, “As students of Duke University or other elite institutions, these young men will get on with their privileged lives...They are very differently situated in life from, say, the young women of the Rutgers University women's basketball team.”  

Other than implying that a Rutgers education is crap compared to a Duke education or that Duke men are superior to Rutgers women...what the hell is Moran trying to say? 

The Merriam-Webster dictionary explains that to be “Privileged”, one is “not subject to the usual rules or penalties because of some special circumstance” (like Teddy Kennedy looking for his bottle instead of Mary Jo Kopechne). 

To be “Privileged” sounds more like race-based preferential admission or affirmative action quota than it does about the white middle-class grind. 

As a white middle-class male with degrees from two excellent schools, I must be missing the point. 

My peers and I must have been cheated out of the “Privilege” freebies...unless the following perks for white middle-class males comprise the new definition of “Privilege”: 

  1. You have to buy your childhood bicycle instead of stealing it.

  2. You have to act like a civilized person in school or parental hell reigns down upon you.

  3. You absolutely must study long and hard hours because your college admission will be based on merit...not preference (and you will be penalized for being a normal white male.

  4. Once in college, expect your parents and you to work like hell in order to have enough after-tax income left to partially offset the mountain of educational debt you will be buried under by graduation day.

  5. After graduation be prepared to work like hell and land in the higher income tax brackets because people like Teddy Kennedy will be calling you “rich” (even if your family of four is squeaking by with an adjusted gross income of under $50,000).

  6. Also be prepared to suffer any racial insult thrown at you (especially stereotypical comments about your lack of sexual prowess); not being able to say anything in return because that would be a “hate” crime; being persecuted by self-proclaimed “leaders” of non-privileged lynch mobs and having no "Rainbow Coalition", NAACP or ACLU give a hoot about you.

And this is called “Privilege”? 

In the midst of the Duke rape hoax, a white woman in Hartford Connecticut falsely reported that she had been raped in a local park by a black man.  As The Hartford Courant reported it, “Clark, who is white, told Hartford police in November she had been raped on a weekday afternoon near the park carousel by a stranger who she described as a heavyset black man with a gray beard.” 

After Clark recanted her rape story, the “Hartford police initially decided not to charge the woman with filing a false report because they still considered her a sexual-assault victim and did not want to further traumatize her”. 

But, “police reversed that decision earlier this month after leaders of the city's black community - saying her story perpetuated harmful stereotypes - called for criminal charges” and Clark was privileged with an arrest and criminal sentence. 

Those less privileged, like Tawana Brawley and Duke Rape Hoaxtress Crystal Gail Mangum, were allowed to walk without consequences after filing false rape allegations and actually ruining many innocent lives in the process. 

In fact, Mangum is so devoid of privilege that, The Rev. Jesse Jackson’s “Rainbow/Push Coalition will pay (her) college tuition...And the offer stands even if it turns out she fabricated her story”. 

I think that the MSM and their liberal enablers have confused being “Privileged” citizens with being “Responsible” citizens.   

In their crazy interpretation of “Privileged”, “the white middle class is now in the cross-hairs of: ambitious prosecutors who have more ego than a sense of justice; self-proclaimed leaders of the oppressed masses who have fooled a large segment of the population into believing they are their champions and saviors rather than the charlatans and extortionists that they have proven themselves to be; liberal politicians who want to punish us for our privilege by stealing and redistributing our hard-earned income; homicidal maniacs who blame the ‘rich’ for their mental illnesses and religious fanatics who use us as a fast ticket to what they think is heaven.” 

So welcome to the Privileged world. 

I told you that chair didn’t look very comfortable.


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