NGOs: No-Good Oligarchies

April 5, 2007 

If there is a group of organizations that hates Western Civilization more than the MSM (Mainstream Media) or even Liberals, it must be the NGOs (non-governmental organizations)... and the recent kidnapping of British military personnel by the ISLAMIC Republic of Iran seals the deal. 

Although the MSM insists on referring to the March 23rd  kidnapping of 15 British sailors and marines by the Iranians as a “capture” was a kidnapping. 

And, although this kidnapping, and its subsequent serial violations of International Law, has screamed out to many NGOs for a condemnation of the ISLAMIC Republic of Iran...there is a strange, but not unexpected, hypocritical silence on the NGO front. 

It took the ICRC (International Committee for the Red Cross) less time to condemn the May 2005 pictures of Saddam Hussein in his underwear as “violations” of the Geneva Conventions than it took the ICRC to steal 9-11 donations.  

Saddam’s Blueboy centerfold poses put the ICRC’s Middle East spokeswoman Dorothea Krimitsas’ panties in a twist, “Taking and using photographs of him is clearly forbidden...(POWs must be protected against) insults and public curiosity.” 

Dinah PoKempner, general counsel for the Human Rights Watch based in New York had this to say, “Americans might chuckle at demeaning pictures of such an unsympathetic character.  But the dissemination of the photos is a clear violation of the conventions. 

Again... Article 13 of the Third Geneva Convention says prisoners of war should be protected against insults and public curiosity. 

Even the Al-Jazeera network declined to show the pictures, citing ''professional and moral reasons."   But, in 2003, Al-Jazeera had no problems broadcasting photos of five American POWs in Iraq when Iraq was in clear violation of Article 13...or of the 15 kidnapped British personnel.  

Shortly after the 2003 capture of Saddam Hussein, photos of him receiving better medical care than most Americans brought outrage from Amnesty International.   

Nicole Choveiry, Middle East spokeswoman for Amnesty International, again citing Article 13 said that, “He must not be used as a public curiosity and as a prisoner of war he is entitled to humane treatment...Showing him in custody falls under the category of humiliating a prisoner of war”. 

But what did these very same Article 13-obsessed NGOs have to say about the clear violations of International Law inflicted upon the 15 kidnapped British personnel when the kidnappers and Article 13 violators were citizens of the ISLAMIC republic of Iran? 

From the ICRC News and Press Releases front page: 

1.     Colombia: Thousands forced to flee – ICRC report

2.     TV NEWS FOOTAGE - Colombia. ICRC steps up aid and protection for victims of armed conflict

3.     Azerbaijan: ICRC sponsors course on management of MDR-TB

From Amnesty International’s front page news: 

1.     Zimbabwe: End harassment, torture and intimidation of opposition activists

2.     Viet Nam: Internet activist priest imprisoned

3.     Laos: Destitute jungle-dwellers living on run from military

And now for Human Rights Watch’s front page coverage: 

1.     US Sent Guantanamo Detainees Home to Torture in Russia

2.     Letter to SAARC Leaders In Anticipation of Summit In New Delhi

3.     Zimbabwe: Security Forces Extend Crackdown to Public

Curiously, not one of these NGOs even mentioned the misuse of the British kidnap victims as “public curiosities” by the ISLAMIC Republic of Iran...let alone condemn that Geneva “violation”.  Perhaps the NGOs saw this violation of Article 13 as a public service hygiene announcement to the Iranian people...”This is what people from a civilized nation, who bathe regularly, look and smell like.”  

In its “Overview of the ICRC’s Operations in 2007”, Pierre Krähenbühl, ICRC’s Director of Operations worried that, “The risks of rejection by some...who challenge the legitimacy of humanitarian action or of the instrumentalization of humanitarian action are ever present.” 

Therefore, “In light of these tendencies, the ICRC strove to demonstrate the specific advantages of its neutral and independent approach (emphasis added) through its operational decisions and field strategies.” 

Do you really believe this crap? 

It was once written that, “The public face of the Red Cross, the image it wants the world to see, is that of a charitable organization bringing aid and comfort to ease the suffering of those in need.  While simultaneously, the ‘stealth face’ of the Red Cross is that of just another international interest group promoting its ideologies on a global scale…and stirring the pot of dissention in the process.” 

This applies just as well to Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and most of the world’s NGOs. 

The ICRC receives over 75% of its funding from the Western civilized world.  About 1/3 of that is from the U.S. and 15% from Great Britain.  You guessed it...other than a measly 121,000 Swiss Francs Iran donated to itself for its own earthquake relief, our ISLAMIC Republic friends contribute nothing. 

The scholars who defined oligarchies as “forms of government where political power effectively rests with small, elite segments of society” must have been thinking of NGOs.   

Only a bunch of tax-free, over-paid and America-hating elitists are capable of continually condemning the free civilizations they owe their existences to while eternally turning blind eyes on the criminal acts of their gangster heroes in the Islamic world.


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