November 2, 2006 

Finally a Democrat tells the truth.  Bill Richardson, New Mexico’s Democratic Governor finally came clean.  Well, not exactly, but he did admit that he likes being dirty (not a big surprise to any Conservative). 

The only Democrat with more feet in his mouth than Bill “What-Two-Hard-Drives” Richardson might be John Kerry.  

An October 28th New York Times article, In Clean Politics, Flesh Is Pressed, Then Sanitized, used the simple concept of hygiene, or a lack thereof, to position Richardson “as the early hygienic maverick of 2008”.   

It seems that, unlike President Bush or Vice President Cheney who use the alcohol-based hand sanitizer Purell (and some common sense) to minimize the spread of infectious diseases while on the campaign trail, Richardson finds personal hygiene “...condescending to the voters”. 

Never wanting to be left out of a dumb and dumber contest, “Howard Dean ...a doctor and the chairman of the Democratic National Committee, said he did not bother with the stuff, either.”  As further proof of wasted tuition dollars, Dean boasts that, “If you’ve had children, you’re immune to everything”.  (Disclaimer:  Parenthood will not protect you from the flu.  If you listen to a liberal you do so at your own risk.) 

Only liberals can take comfort in this level of stupidity.  But gets much better. 

Bill Richardson is adamant in his conviction that...” I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty” and he has proven it many times. 

In 1997, as U. S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Richardson described then-Congolese President Laurent Kabila as “a street-smart Chicago ward heeler”.  The BBC saw Kabila a bit differently...”After coming to power he banned all political parties except his own and promised elections that were never held, and he refused to restart payments on the country's $14 billion debt”.  Maybe Kabila resembled a Chicago Democrat after all. 

Again in 1997, Richardson, as recapped in Slate Magazine, did his friend Bill Clinton a favor and offered Monica Lewinsky a job at the UN...” When Lewinsky told the president she wanted to move to New York, Clinton had an aide ask Richardson to interview Lewinsky for a U.N. job. Richardson, though he was absorbed by crises in Zaire and Iraq, called Lewinsky immediately, invited her for an interview, and hired her almost on the spot...the American Spectator made a strong case that Richardson knew who Lewinsky was, went out of his way to help her, and lied to the grand jury about it...Clinton surely referred Lewinsky to Richardson because he knew Richardson could be trusted to help his buddy out of a jam without asking uncomfortable questions.” 

Specifically (and this is from the NYT’s): 

  1. the fall of 1997, (Clinton’s secretary) Ms. Currie asked John Podesta, the Deputy Chief of Staff, to help Ms. Lewinsky find a job in New York

  2. Mr. Podesta testified that, during a Presidential trip to Latin America, he approached then-U.N. Ambassador William Richardson while aboard Air Force One and asked the Ambassador to consider a former White House intern for a position at the U.N.

  3. Ambassador Richardson returned from Latin America on Sunday, October 19.

  4. At 3:09 p.m. on October 21, Ms. Currie faxed Ms. Lewinsky's resume to the United Nations.

  5. At 7:01 p.m., a six-minute call was placed to Ms. Lewinsky's apartment from a U.N. telephone number identified in State Department records as "Ambassador Richardson's line...the Ambassador himself came on the line...The purpose of the call was to schedule a job interview at a Watergate apartment the following week.

  6. On Friday morning, October 31, Ambassador Richardson and two of his assistants, Mona Sutphen and Rebecca Cooper, interviewed Ms. Lewinsky at the Watergate.

  7. Neither Ambassador Richardson nor any of his staff made inquiries, before or after the interview, about Ms. Lewinsky's prior work performance.

  8. Phone records reflect that, at 11:02 a.m. on November 3, a three-minute call was placed to Ms. Lewinsky from the U.N. line identified in State Department records as Ambassador Richardson's.  Ms. Lewinsky stated that she believes she spoke to Ambassador Richardson, who extended her a job offer.

  9. According to his assistant (Mona Sutphen), Ambassador Richardson made the decision to hire Ms. Lewinsky.

  10. (Sutphen) said, are you sure; and he said, yeah, yeah, I'm sure, why. And I said . . . are you sure, though you don't want to talk to anyone else . . . . And he said, no, no, I think it's fine; why don't you go ahead and give her an offer.

Who would ever think that dirty hands and dirty blue dresses make such a charming outfit? 

It is little wonder that Richardson’s hands were even dirty enough to receive this stern rebuke from Democratic Sen. Robert Byrd of West Virginia, “"You will never again receive the support of the Senate of the United States for any office to which you might be appointed.”   

It seems that when Richardson was the Secretary of the Department of Energy in 2000, two highly classified computer hard drives disappeared from the Los Alamos laboratory in New Mexico and then magically reappeared about a month later.   

This case of the missing drives was described “as possibly the most serious security breach in the nation's history”.  Yet, when asked to testify before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence about this security breach in the Department he headed-up, Richardson declined because he was too busy kissing-up to Al Gore in the hopes of being his running mate. 

This ticked-off Senator Byrd so much that he additionally accused Richardson of “supreme arrogance” and “extreme contempt”.  Go Richardson’s world...campaigning with Al Gore trumped the compromise of top secret nuclear data, yet basic hand hygiene is “condescending to the voters”. 

My god...if Richardson is taken seriously as a 2008 Presidential aspirant...the lunatics would truly be running the asylum. 

Dirty hands indeed!


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