Illegal Immigration, White Noise...And High Treason

April 13, 2006 

The best first step in solving this nation’s illegal immigration catastrophe is to immediately deport the U.S. Congress.  Tom Tancredo can, without delay, petition for refugee status and return. Teddy Kennedy can not reenter the country until after he pays three generations of inheritance taxes, completes the twelve steps...and loses 75 pounds.  Harry Reid has to put his aluminum foil helmet back on and return to his mothership. 

Otherwise, all will be lost. 

Did you ever notice that when the simplest thing becomes galactically are about to get screwed? 

The Senate was, and will continue, trying to ram complicated and unenforceable legislation down the throats of an overwhelming majority of American citizens that just don’t want it.  Any member of Congress who represents that the proposed legislation is enforceable is a liar...and knows it. 

Can you imagine the government trying to administer this three-tiered legislation?   

  1. Illegal immigrants who have lived in the United States for five years or more, about seven million people, would eventually be granted citizenship if they remained employed, had background checks, paid fines and back taxes and learned English.

  1. Illegal immigrants who have lived here for two to five years, about three million people, would have to travel to a United States border crossing and apply for a temporary work visa. They would be eligible for permanent residency and citizenship over time, but they would have to wait several years longer for it.

  1. Illegal immigrants who have been here less than two years, about one million people, would be required to leave the country altogether. They could apply for spots in the temporary worker program, but they would not be guaranteed positions.

What should have been a simple matter turned into a nightmare...and for no reason other than incompetence and/or fraud. 

And that is the story of America’s illegal immigration “debate”.  A simple matter turned into a sorry mess.  But why? 

As a very good friend of mine pondered, “What is it about the word "illegal" that these bleeding hearts don't understand?  (No doubt that's what at the heart of the new politically correct term ‘undocumented’).” 

This same friend continued: 

This is outrageous!!  First of all, I’m sick and tired of these weenies using the term “undocumented” immigrants.  Have the guts to call them what they are... “Illegal’ immigrants.  And how does the Senate propose to treat these criminals “fairly”?  By treating them the same as other folks who are here and broke the law?  Of course not.  They're forgiving criminal behavior.  Well, here's a question for them... “Which law am I allowed to break and get a pass on?”  Can I pick one?  How about refusing to pay my taxes?  Would that make me an “undocumented” taxpayer who will get the same “fair” treatment? 

And then she went on to make a very succinct point: 

Here's another thing.... this “guest worker” program that they are proposing is discriminatory.  Think about it.  Doesn't it have a disparate impact on immigrants from other countries?  What other immigrants can walk into the US other than Mexicans?  Can people from the Philippines or from Romania or Ireland or Italy or Estonia -- or even Cuba for that matter -- just walk into the country?  I don't think so.  Those people can't even GET ON a plane unless they are properly “documented”.  Where are those bleeding heart liberals who cry “discrimination” for every friggin' little outrageous thing?”   

And just so you don’t think that she bitches without a solution...she offered up this bit of cure: 

What really ticks me off is the argument that “nobody else wants these jobs”.  Oh really?  How about if we offered them to the people who are waiting in line?  I'll bet they’d take them.   

Why don't we say to those who are almost ready to come here, those who have waited in line for years: "You can come tomorrow if you pick strawberries for 2 years.  After that, you can be allowed to teach, or be the engineer or do whatever you're actually trained to do."   

Do you think we'd have any takers?   

If you want to come here badly enough, you'll be happy to pick strawberries for two years knowing that at the end of the two years, you'll get to do what you want to do.  How many U.S. citizens have to work at crappy jobs until they finish their college educations or are being re-trained because their employer went out of business?  This doesn't seem like rocket science to me.  Just offer the jobs to the people who are at the top of the list.  When their two years (or one year... or one season...who cares) are up, then go to the next group of people who are at the top of the list. 

Out of the same frustration felt by most law abiding American CITIZENS, she concludes: 

Plus, excuse me?  What were these illegals protesting about anyway?  Aren't they getting free education, free health care, earning "tax free" income, getting drivers' licenses, etc.?  What's to complain about and protest?  Give me a break.  If anybody should be protesting, it should be us.... the poor schmucks who get stuck with the bill. 

What's making me angrier is that the politicians are not listening to us.  These weenies (Congress and the President) are getting on my nerves.  I'm sick and tired of being taken for granted and getting screwed at every opportunity because they know we have no where else to go.  I feel helpless and used. 

She ends with a fond postscript: 

And stop with the "English as a SECOND language" classes and all the nonsense about everything being printed in both English and Spanish.  Speak, read and write English or go home. 

As I think friend is to the point, correct and in the mainstream. 

The argument that our economy is in desperate need of illegal immigrants is self-serving and fallacious.   

Official estimates tell us that there are 11 million “economically necessary” illegal immigrants in the US.  The US Bureau of Labor Statistics also tells us that, as of March 2006, there are 7 million UNEMPLOYED legal Americans.  And the US Administration for Children and Families tells us that, at the end of 2005, there were 1,047,143 adults on welfare.  Maybe the US economy is not that dependent on 11 million illegals if we could get those on the dole to take the “jobs Americans won't do”. 

Illegal immigration is a pretty much of a no-brainer because it is ILLEGAL.  I don’t see Congress fretting over what to do with tax cheats.  I don’t see Congress fretting over what do about drunk driving.  And I certainly didn’t see Congress fretting over what to do about Richard Nixon. 

Yet, with 11 million illegal immigrants spitting in the face of the law, I do see Congress and the President fretting over what to do about illegality (or more correctly...fretting over losing a voting bloc). 

This is nothing but white noise.  In order to “submerge distracting, undesirable noises...a constant low level of (white) noise is generated and provided as a background sound.”   

And this is exactly what the confusion over the illegal immigration “controversy” is...white noise to submerge the facts and distract the public.  By keeping the public confused long enough, the politicians and interest groups are intentionally defrauding the truth.  In the confusion, they are seeking to build critical mass, circumvent reality and pass self-serving treasonous legislation. 

This is similar to the old budget scam of proposing a 30% tax increase to achieve a 15% increase in the name of “slashes to critical services”.  The confused public thinks it got away with a deal and the duplicitous politicians come out looking like heroes. 

Just think what all of those Mexican flag-waving illegals will do if their “protest” tactics yield success in the current issue.  Next it will be universal healthcare or, perhaps, making General Antonio López de Santa Anna's birthday a US national holiday.  Or perhaps violating more laws and demanding amnesty...uh...I mean “guest status” again.   

The most important dimension of any legal immigration debate is the question of how best to assimilate immigrants into the societal fabric of the host nation.  And nowhere is this question being addressed in the fracas over illegal immigration.  It’s just assumed that illegal immigrants will become good Americans serendipitously...even if they never care to speak English.    

The deconstructionists are licking their chops at the thought of legally flooding this nation with law-breakers turned citizen to accelerate the balkanization of America.  And the politicians are counting votes. 

The direction of this mess became self-evident the second the media framed it as debate on “immigration”.  It has nothing to do with immigration and everything to do with “illegal” immigration. 

And...masses of protesters in the streets have little to do with the question of legality.  Some well documented “studies have concluded that at least a quarter of all adult men may have some feelings of sexual arousal in connection with children”.  If 32 million males took to the streets seeking a “rationalization” of the laws prohibiting pedophilia would Congress be compelled to “seek a compromise”? 

The debate elevated itself to high treason when San Francisco Mayor “Newsom also signed a resolution sponsored by Supervisor Gerardo Sandoval, and passed unanimously by the Board of Supervisors, urging San Francisco law enforcement not to comply with criminal provisions of any new immigration bill.” maybe Newsom is only obstructing justice. 

This brings back memories of Lester Maddox and his axe handle defying US desegregation law.  When that happened, Washington sent in federal troops.  Would those same troops be sent into San Francisco should it similarly defy US law? 

It’s time to: pull the plug on the political white noise machine; hold Congress accountable and enforce the law. 

It’s not that complicated...despite what the naysayers claim.  Illegal means exactly what it says.  Throw them out and protect this country’s borders, national security and societal integrity. 

Or, continue to remain “the poor schmucks who get stuck with the bill”.


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