America (Almost) Deserves To Lose
But Not The American People

October 9, 2001


In the aftermath of the post-September 11th saber rattling, a “new” unity was declared in the United States.  All factions took the oath to place partisan rivalries and self-interest behind them and unite for the common good of waging the “first war of the 21st century”.  Terrorism, so the script reads, must be eradicated at the expense of self-interest.   



The media, hungry for a good story to sell, is already leaking details about American troop insertions in Afghanistan.  OOOOORAH for the network news; get the scoop on the story and compromise the lives of American forces. 

In their quest for unselfishness, the media is already complaining that the Department of Defense is being too secretive about the plans for its covert operations.   

Talk about a bunch of spoiled brats!  In the interests of viewership ratings (which equal advertising revenue and profits), the media thinks it is entitled to information about secret operations.  Did anybody ever define the word “secret” to the intrepid intelligentsia of the fifth estate? 

On a more humorous note is the unselfishness of the American business community.  To quote from the New York Times, “As soon as there was an announcement of an aid package, people started coming out of the woodwork…There are a lot of industries that will be looking at the pot of gold. The federal government is spending more and, obviously, there will be some winners.  There’s lots of opportunities and it cuts across all industries. It’s pretty much open season.” 

Open Season?  America has gone crazy or, at the least, nothing has changed.  Consider the following: 

Part of the reason the airlines scored so big aside from their dire straits was the platoons of high- powered lobbyists who scrambled to get the measure passed with lightening speed. Among them was Linda Hall Daschle, wife of Tom Daschle of South Dakota, the Senate majority leader. Mrs. Daschle helped develop the lobbying strategy for American Airlines. “She is an aviation expert and she was extremely helpful to guide our company,” said Al Becker, an American Airlines spokesman. Lobbyists for Continental Airlines included Rebecca Cox, wife of Representative Christopher Cox, a California Republican.

Perhaps the new unity of the United States can be demonstrated by its unselfishness for the common good, “The range of industries asking for help runs the business spectrum: Amtrak, hotels, restaurants, manufacturers, oil and gas, the steel industry and consumer products.” 

Even Staples, your everyday low price office supply firm, is selling cheesy 8 ½ x 11 color copies of the American flag. 

In moral terms, American industry is running neck and neck with bin Laden et al for the Sewer Award. 

Now, a look at America’s intrepidly new nonpartisan Congress. 

President Bush has proposed new airline security legislation that the Congress will presently “debate”.  If nonpartisanship is defined as, “not supporting any political party: not belonging to, supporting, or biased in favor of any political party,” what does the following Associated Press release mean: 

Many Republicans, fundamentally opposed to creating a new federal bureaucracy, also object to a new federal tax to help pay for it.  Oberstar and other House Democrats have proposed a $2.50 surcharge on a one-way ticket for security costs.  

Democrats also want the package to include funds for the more than 100,000 airline workers laid off since Sept. 11. ``We should also be helping the thousands of airline employees and their families who are hurting,'' said Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, D-S.D.

This sounds like politics as usual including Senator Daschle’s concern for the airline industry (which butters his wife’s bread). 

The world history of “civilized” nations fighting terrorism is not encouraging.  More to the point, there are, almost without exception, no success stories.  Terrorism wins at least a few slices, if not the whole loaf of bread everytime! 

The story of the Irish Republican Army (IRA) is a case in point. 

The outbreak of hostilities between Great Britain and Irish separatists dates back to about 1795.  Terrorist acts and open hostility seemed to culminate with the 1921 partitioning of Ireland.  To this very day, true peace has not come to Ireland and the threat of terrorism is omnipresent.

Sorry to disappoint all those waiting for a four quarter Super Bowl event.  Fighting terrorism has a history of being a very long-term affair with dubious chances for outright success. 

The event of a large-scale terrorist attack on the United States was inevitable.  The handwriting was on the wall but most Americans choose to keep their Pollyannaish eyes shut.   

The inevitability of America losing its “new” war on terrorism is almost a certainty…unless “business as usual” in the United States immediately and definitely alters its course.  

Terrorists are not self-interested creatures.  They live, act and die for what they perceive to be a righteous cause.  They are ideologues who sacrifice far beyond anything that is presently comprehendible to most Americans.  There is no Workers Compensation for carpal tunnel syndrome.  The terrortists will be dead before pulling the trigger gives them repetitive motion syndrome. 

America must realize that there are no rules to terrorism other than inflicting the maximum damage…and that means to babies as well as buildings.  All of the cruise missiles in creation have little value when a human bomb explodes in a shopping mall.  There is no Missile Defense Shield to hide behind.  The only defense is a unity, commitment and determination greater than that of the terrorists. 

Presently, America is not demonstrating the qualities necessary for success.

The American people have to remember that when weapons of mass destruction are used, the leaders of this great country will be in bomb shelters and that the privileged (Hollywood stars included) have armed bodyguards and live in secured complexes. 

 If the average American is going to be asked to sacrifice and to die, then it is only fair that the average American DEMAND that this country get in shape.  Demand that partisan bickering disappear.  Demand that special interests go on permanent vacation with their lobbyists.  Demand that the media sacrifices headlines instead of American lives. 

Forget the glib words…focus on the actions. 

Do not be manipulated by political and industry propaganda.  In America, all must sacrifice equally.  If not, vote them out of office, boycott their products and switch the channel.  It most certainly is your life at stake.


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