Don’t Blame China
Look To The Land Of The Rising Sun


April 12, 2001


It’s very easy to understand how most Americans can be mad at the People’s Republic of China for the downing and detention of a U.S. military aircraft and its 24 crew members.  The free world has been searching for a bogeyman since the end of the Cold War and the vilification of the Chinese brings a clear target into focus. 

Of course the facts of this incident are not clear.  Was the plane in international or Chinese territory; whatever the definition of international territory is?  Who hit whom?  Once the U.S. plane was damaged in its surveillance game of cat and mouse why did the crew not make a greater sacrifice to protect the security of their nation?   

But, with all the facts once known, I do not blame the Chinese nation.  What are they doing so wrong?  Holding a U.S. spy plane while they technically dissect it?  Playing a little brinksmanship with the 24 U.S. detainees?   The U.S. is playing host to a Chinese Colonel who defected to America.  Beijing wants him back and now they have some bargaining chips.  Would Washington play the game differently? 

I am no fan of the PRC (People’s Republic of China).  To the contrary…in many ways they are the greatest threat to the security and economic health of the United States.  The PRC is a repressive totalitarian state with little value for human life, let alone human rights.  In the Clinton administration, the PRC was happy to find the corruption that all communist nations expect from the western democracies.  Which country on the stage of the world power struggle wouldn’t pay a few dollars to buy their enemy’s secrets?   

It is an always-curious phenomenon when the party that sets the example then complains about having to live by their own example.  Was it not the United States that left 1170 American MIA’s behind in Viet Nam only to do an about-face years later and give tens of millions of dollars in economic aid to our former enemy?  The U.S. was freely shoveling this aid to a nation that beat, tortured and murdered American POW’s and probably still retains some as captives to this day. 

Was it not America that saw 18 of its Army Rangers gunned down in Mogadishu, Somalia on October 3, 1993 while on a humanitarian mission and then conveniently walked away as mutilated corpses of our dead where dragged through the streets and defiled?   

If, for no other reason, the PRC feels little brotherhood with the United States one should only look to the conduct of post World War II America.  The U.S. was decisive and unending in bringing justice to the Germans who committed crimes against humanity (white humanity) in the European theater.  When it came to the almost 12 million Chinese killed by our Japanese enemies, America decided to trade chemical-biological warfare research and national self-interest for morality.  

Let’s just take a retrospective peek at the tip of the proverbial iceberg. 

  1. Of the 33,687 men and women of the US military and the 13,966 US civilians captured by the Japanese who were confined in brutal prison camps, many were subjected to forced labor, starvation, deadly beatings, bayoneting to death for entertainment, beheading as sport to amuse Japanese officers or rape.

  1. During the “Bataan Death March”, up to 1000 American POW’s were murdered by shooting, beating, starvation, bayoneting and beheading by their Japanese captors.

  1.  Dr. Shiro Ishii, head of the infamous Unit 731 located in Harbin, China, performed biochemical warfare experiments on living POW’s and THOUSANDS of Chinese civilians that included infecting them with plague, anthrax, typhoid and other deadly toxins.  Many of these prisoners were autopsied, without anesthesia, while still living and none survived.

  1. From December, 1937 to February, 1938, the Japanese brutally and systematically raped and slaughtered up to 300,000 Chinese men, women and CHILDREN in Nanjing China during what is now known as “The Rape Of Nanking”.

  1. Of the US POW’s held by Germany, 1.1% perished during their captivity.  Of the POW’s held by the Japanese, 37.3% perished.

This is just a small sample of the atrocities that Japan still refuses to acknowledge, let alone apologize for.  Even more insulting is the fact that, in many cases, Japan either denies these things ever occurred or maintains that they did nothing wrong because it was war.  All while the United States remains silent and makes reparation payments to formerly interred Japanese-Americans. 

Many of the Japanese officers responsible for these war crimes became vastly successful business and political leaders after the war without ever having spent a single day in jail for their crimes.  America embraced war criminals as allies.  This is undoubtedly one of the greatest cover-ups in world history and the United States was Japans partner in the cover-up. 

Sadly, the cover-up was assisted by the United States in the postwar years. Instead of allowing research on biological warfare to fall into Soviet hands after the war, the American government and military protected some of the war’s worst criminals in exchange for their knowledge.   

This was an easy act because only “thousands” of victims of Japanese atrocities were of white European decent while the “MILLIONS” of the victims were Asians (mostly Chinese).  The United States turned its back on U.S. veterans and the Chinese nation in a morally bankrupt quest for self-interest. 

In repeated instances (ad nauseam), the United States has abandoned its own citizens and allies for the expediency of national interest.  In many more cases, the United States talks tough, takes a walloping and backs down.  America is suffering from a disease that mandates a need to accept responsibility, make apologies and pay blood money to any party making an accusation of complicity in a wrongdoing.  Actual responsibility takes a back seat to some kind of a white suburban guilt complex. 

Who can blame the Chinese for following the example that America has established?  Uncle Sam loves bending over and asking to be kicked by its adversaries at the expense of its citizens and world morality.


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