California Proves Media Bias

October 8, 2003

LOS ANGELES (Reuters)-- Angry Californians Dump Davis, Elect Schwarzenegger"Californians rose up in political revolution on Tuesday, storming the polls in record numbers to throw their governor out of office and elect in his place Arnold Schwarzenegger…An estimated 10 million California voters cast ballots in the special election, 30 percent more than voted in the governor's race that reelected Davis last year and the biggest turnout for any nonpresidential contest in state history."

Well, despite the best efforts of that now totally discredited rag, the L.A. Times, Dipster Davis was thrown out of office. In league with organized labor, the elite media once again tried to thwart the will of the electorate…and failed. Until the final moments of the election, the media tried to snow the voters into believing that Davis had a chance when it was obvious that all but the funeral requiem had been played.

This is a repeat of the Reagan – Mondale fiasco when the elite media tried to snow the voters into believing that Mondale was actually respirating. Mondale did carry one state.

With November 2004 right around the corner, beware of elite media bias. Whichever little pathetic tadpole the Dem’s nominate, the elite media, in league with organized labor, will once again be trying to rig an election. How many times do the voters have to be lied to until they realize that elite media interests long ago jumped from the fourth estate to the fifth column?


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