International Racism

September 22, 2003

PARIS, Sept. 21, The New York Times, Chirac Urges a Transfer of Power—"President Jacques Chirac called today for the immediate transfer of sovereignty in Iraq...Without Iraqi self-rule, he said, there is the dangerous situation of a ‘governor who is Christian and foreign" administering an Arab and Muslim country, and that is "a very difficult situation for any people to accept in the 21st century’."

Whether true or not, this is the type of international paternalism that says the Iraqi people are not citizens of the world. This is no different than the hypocrisy of a world condemning white Rhodesians for racism and accepting the black pogrom against whites in Zimbabwe. And this is the Achilles heal of United Nations intervention.

The United Nations is a self-proclaimed egalitarian organization whose membership is mostly a collection of racist, sexist, religiously fundamentalist and tribal totalitarian "states". Democratic republics are the distinct minority of its membership. State building by the U.N. is truly a case of the blind leading the blind.

I wonder what Chirac would say about Senator Joseph Lieberman becoming the U.S. President? "There is the dangerous situation of a president who is Jewish administering a Christian country, and that is a very difficult situation for any people to accept in the 21st century."

And then I wonder what the New York Times would have to say about Chirac!


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