You Asked For It

September 16, 2003

September 14, 2003--Gunsmoke and Mirrors--By MAUREEN DOWD:

This is how bad things are for George W. Bush: He's back in a dead heat with Al Gore. (And this is how bad things are for Al Gore: He's back in a dead heat with George W. Bush.) One terrorist attack, two wars, three tax cuts, four months of guerrilla mayhem in Iraq, five silly colors on a terror alert chart, nine nattering Democratic candidates, 10 Iraqi cops killed by Americans, $87 billion in Pentagon illusions, a gazillion boastful Osama tapes, zero Saddam and zilch W.M.D. have left America split evenly between the president and former vice president.

Every non-liberal so upset with G.W. is about to get what they have been asking for. Hillary is about to take center stage.

For Maureen Dowd to call the present Democratic presidential field "nine nattering Democratic candidates" can only mean that Dowd is doing some advance work for Senator HC.

And how the media will love it. In fact, they will love it so much, she will be the next President unless the conservative community grows up and recognizes the real threat.

Study the country’s demographics. The days of reasoned debate are gone. Soon enough, America will be run by a barely literate majority of non-taxpayers whose votes will be bought and paid for with your money.

So, don’t come looking for a shoulder to cry on when another Clinton is burying what little is left of America. After all, G.W. wasn’t the perfect conservative and your wish came true.


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