"One-World" Criticism

September 11, 2003

NYT 09/11/03—"Foreign Views of U.S. Darken Since Sept. 11--In the two years since Sept. 11, 2001, the view of the United States as a victim of terrorism that deserved the world's sympathy and support has given way to a widespread vision of America as an imperial power that has defied world opinion through unjustified and unilateral use of military force."

The truth behind these darkening foreign views of America is a rejection of democratic values. There are the people from China who criticize the U.S. and, simultaneously, can’t wait to immigrate here...legally or illegally. Then the Times quotes some Indonesians whose gripe consists of, "America go to hell" and "Don't mess with Islam." Or the Russian, while forgetting his country’s failed past mumbles, "America's attempts to rebuild all the world in the image of liberalism and capitalism are fraught with the same dangers as the Nazis taking over the world."

Every country criticizing the U.S. has either been bailed out by the U.S. or defeated by the U.S in their attempts at world dominance. (Except of course Switzerland that made a hobby out of pocketing wealth from all sides in a conflict...the Swiss sit fat and happy with both stolen Nazi and Jewish wealth.)

Listening to these foreign critics is like listening to a loser telling you not to date the prom queen. Other than their hatred of anything pro-American, why would the NYT’s listen to people who hate us and simultaneously want our lifestyle? Perhaps that is the very reason the New York Times loves our critics.


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