More Multi-Cultural Poop

September 19, 2003

NYT 09/10-/03—"For City's Repairmen, Shop May Be the Sidewalk... Migrants from Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, accustomed to such street workshops in their homelands, have set them up on New York's sidewalks as well, whatever the legalities. And since this has always been a city with a soft spot for an ingenious or enterprising way of scratching out a living, these entrepreneurs more than survive."

Of course they "more than survive", these "migrants" receive all of America’s benefits and pay none of the cost. "Street workshops" translate into no rent, no overhead, no taxes and no regulations. They constitute an underground economy above ground on taxpayer property.

With no fixed costs, they under price legitimate businesses that pay the taxes for the police, fire and ambulance umbrellas over the heads of these noble "entrepreneurs". The legitimate business pays for the privilege of subsidizing their competition.

This is just another scam perpetrated on the taxpayer and benignly ignored by self-serving politicians. It is a slap in the face of legitimate taxpayers. Once again, the drive for multi-culturalism translates into the lawbreakers being rewarded with the tax money of the law abiding. And, of course, the elitists at the New York Times love’s just so patronizing.


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