Democrats Love Racial Lackeys

September 5, 2003

NYT--WASHINGTON, Sept. 4 — Miguel Estrada, whose nomination by President Bush to an important federal appeals court post was blocked by an extraordinary filibuster mounted by Senate Democrats, gave up his two-year struggle today.

NYT--ALBUQUERQUE, Sept. 4 — The Democratic presidential candidates... in the first official debate of the Democratic presidential contenders...(were) seeking to demonstrate...interest in Hispanic voters....

The Democratic Party loves to take votes from minority groups and give back crumbs. Sure the Dems do their best to redistribute taxpayer wealth to buy these votes (not out of their pockets), but they only yield token power to the "bought and paid for".

So, in 2004, the Dems are courting Hispanic votes. But in 2003 they managed to end the best hope for the first Hispanic Supreme Court justice. No doubt they are willing to pack the lower courts with people of "Sharpton" caliber. In simple terms, the Dems bought the pro-abortion votes of upper-class white liberals at the expense of Hispanic dignity.

The Democrats love willing idiots that they can control with some birdseed and a few crumbs. And...that was their biggest problem with Estrada. He had too much substance and, as a real contender, would never be on Teddy’s leash. I hope the broad spectrum of Catholic Hispanic voters remember the Democratic DoubleSpeak in November 2004.


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