Can The Iraqis Wakeup?

September 4, 2003

The Iraqi people are similar to wild animals born into captivity. When you open the gates to freedom, they don’t know what to do next. It isn’t their fault. Decades of violent totalitarian dominance has conditioned them to the brink of primal behavior.

Apparently, the patience of the United States, as reported ad nauseam by the elite media, is running thin. Unfortunately, for the Iraqi people, it appears that Uncle Sam does not have the time and/or will for the reclamation of them into the civilized least by western terms.

The introduction of the United Nations into Iraq’s "nation building" will create the ultimate quagmire. This would condemn the Iraqi people to permanent exploitation at the hands of international power brokers.

The window of opportunity is still slightly ajar for the people of Iraq to take control of their destiny and enter the 21st century. This hope is a leap of faith, but it is the last best hope for their future. Is it so hard to take responsibility and unite for the common good? Or is there no common good in a multicultural society?


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