Liberals Condone Some Executions

September 3, 2003

09/02/03 STARKE, Fla. (Reuters) – "Anti-abortion activist Paul Hill, who murdered a doctor and bodyguard at a Florida abortion clinic... will be executed by chemical injection on Wednesday...."

The capital hypocrisy of liberals is deadly pathetic. When it comes to the State taking the life of politically/religiously motivated white males, the rapid "human rights" foes of capital punishment develop a sudden case of deaf, dumb and blind.

The Upper West Side elites probably re-introduced fondue parties for the execution of Timothy McVeigh. That execution fit the criteria of the liberal death was a crime that challenged State autonomy. The Paul Hill execution removes an adversary who challenged the holiest of liberal scripture...Roe v. Wade.

Do these people deserve execution? Most certainly they do. But no more than the likes of Daniel Webb, a career criminal who, for fun, raped, tortured and murdered Diane Gellenbeck, a 37-year-old bank vice president in 1989.

As the lethal injection enters Hill’s veins, Webb will be happily sitting in a Connecticut prison enjoying cable television and a balanced diet. Webb, and hundreds like him, will never have their sentences executed because they did not threaten the State. All they did was destroy the lives of thousands of innocent American taxpayers to satiate the appetite of their animal souls. And the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals will make sure they are well fed.


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