Where’s the Outrage Now?

September 2, 2003

Sun 24 Aug 2003—"YOUNG deserters from a Zimbabwe militia... the notorious Green Bombers... beat people with crowbars, sticks and whips. ‘I didn’t mind if they screamed because the police were on our side. Afterwards we had many beers and we make a party...[Our leaders] brought a young lady, a white person, and we raped her. We were four raping her. We kept her hostage in our camp.’"

Where are the cries of human rights abuses for the white minorities in Zimbabwe and South Africa who are systematically being robbed, raped and murdered by their new democratic governments?

Pogroms of significant scale against white African minorities are going relatively unreported in the elite American media. Jimmy Carter is apparently more concerned with Saddam Hussein’s rights than the gang rape of a 12 year old white girl in Zimbabwe...sanctioned by psychopathic "President" Mugabe.

The lesson? Apparently the anti-apartheid advocates never really gave a damn about human rights...it was just another little social experiment for the upper west side wine and cheese crowd.


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