An Argument for Capital Punishment

August 26, 2003

NYT BOSTON, Aug. 25 "State and local officials opened investigations today into the prison killing of John J. Geoghan, a former priest convicted of child molestation, saying the suspect, a self-proclaimed homophobe, had been planning the killing for more than a month."

States without death penalties must adopt them and states with death penalties must start executing those convicted.

Geoghan’s murderer, "Mr. Druce, 37, is serving a life sentence without parole for strangling a 51-year-old man in 1988 who he believed was gay." So what is Druce’s downside to keep murdering...another life sentence? Or perhaps the taxpayer should spend millions to totally isolate this savage in an air-conditioned cell with cable television...because he has his "rights"!

The argument that the death penalty is not a deterrent to murder is a lie. It is the equivalent as stating that smoking does not pose a health risk...yeah, in maybe 2% of those who smoke. The vast majority convicted of capital offenses spend decades and millions of taxpayer dollars trying to stay alive. Wimp-ass states like Connecticut refuse to execute even after the appeals run out.

So, murderers serving life sentences have little more than another life sentence to fear. These murderers are only too happy to keep playing politicians, tax-free advocacy groups and the taxpayer for suckers as they keep doing what they do best...ravaging society.


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