Hamas Is Just Plain Stupid

August 21, 2003

 “Hamas swiftly vowed to avenge his death and another senior Hamas spokesman said the missile attack freed the group from its commitment to observing the unilateral truce with Israel.”  GAZA, Gaza Strip (Reuters) 08/21/03

The jury is in on the credibility of Hamas...Zero.  With today’s killing of Abu Shanab by Israeli military forces, Hamas leadership informed the world that, “...the Zionist enemy has assassinated the truce....”  Previously, Hamas boasted of its responsibility for, “the suicide bombing that killed 20 people on a Jerusalem bus Tuesday”. 

Even the most strident Palestinian sympathizer has to ask how Israel broke a truce on Thursday for attacking the leadership of a group which murdered little children on Tuesday...and boasted about it.  Not to mention how seriously stupid or pathological Shanab was to be driving around when he knew Israel was seeking retribution.  Too bad bin Laden isn’t that dumb! 

First Arafat wants to negotiate in good faith by embarrassing the U.S. with a 50 ton shipment of weapons coming in the terrorist’s backdoor; now Hamas blames Israel for breaking a truce two days after they gleefully claim responsibility for murdering children.  There is nothing worse than a liar...except a really stupid liar.


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