More Hollywood Hypocrisy

August 17, 2003

Even Kevin Costner is a prime example of the hypocrisy that pervades delusional Hollywood. In an August 10, 2003 Washington Post interview Costner rebutted industry criticism of his movie career in true cowboy fashion, "But you also just kinda have to be a man...and go forward and not try to alter yourself or try to think, ‘How do I make this person like me?’ or ‘How do I make the world understand?’ That seems to me to be weak and shallow."

Yet, on August 6, 2003 Costner (in gaseous Hollywood fashion) criticized President Bush (just as Reagan was criticized) for, "...what he considers Dubya’s squinty-eyed Wyatt Earp posturing." "You have to be a citizen of the world... These are difficult waters to negotiate, and you have to be a pretty evolved person to be able to do it." tough like Daschle and then surrender.

At least by the end of the Post interview we find out that Costner’s uneasiness with Bush emanates from a jealous insecurity. Costner senses Bush is the man that Costner wishes he was and...will never be, "I haven’t been timid about things. And so you can fail, mightily, in the eyes of people who don’t want you to succeed, or haven’t succeeded in something themselves, and there’s a certain glee that comes with that. But it hasn’t made me be timid."

"Timid"...maybe, but a hypocritical self-promoting Hollywood windbag...Yes!


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