Mental Blackouts

August 15, 2003

Don’t hold your breathe in hopes that yesterday’s blackout (this is a racist term) will be a catalyst for an improved energy system. This is just another 9-11 fiasco only on a smaller scale.

Everybody will pull together for a few days and pledge to right the wrongs. Then they will start pointing fingers and revert to their old obstructive ways. Oh yeah...I can see the environmental groups easing off their frivolous and obstructive anti-growth lawsuits for the good of the country. Right!

In April 2001, I wrote an article, "Lights Out", predicting third world energy status for the US. Yesterday New Mexico governor Bill Richardson informed the media that we have a third world power grid. Duh!

By tomorrow the politicians who sat this one out in air-conditioned government buildings equipped with emergency generators paid for by the taxpayer will be refocusing on the need for more transgendered public schools; Congressman Sheila Jackson Lee’s (D-TX) demands to paste African-sounding names on more hurricanes and other matters vital to the national interest.


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