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August 14, 2003


"The following message was sent to you by SuperEmailBargains.com"

Howard Dean, presumably as the head of his campaign staff, is just another SPAMming slickster.  In my morning email, along with 34 other pieces of SPAM, was a solicitation from the Howard Dean campaign brought to me by SuperEmailBargains.com.  Let’s face it; SuperEmailBargains.com is not a political consultant.


And...there is not an earthly reason I would be on a Howard Dean list!


The message was almost identical to another Dean spamming incident in Texas.  After the Texas incident, the Dean machine let a local Texan take the blame, issued an apology and said they had learned a lesson.


Apparently that lesson was to hire another spammer in another market and just keep lying.  If Dean is a closet spammer, you’ve got to question the rest of his ethics.


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