Political Disgrace Exposed

August 13, 2003


From USA TODAY, 08/13/03: "USA TODAY's third annual exclusive look at year-to-year productivity gains by the nation's largest 100 companies helps explain why it now takes only nine workers to produce what 10 did in March 2001...Never before have U.S. companies been so efficient at squeezing out excess labor."

If the private sector, living in the real world, can keep increasing productivity, why is the public sector frolicking in an orgy of waste?

To keep electing career politicians might be akin to a 19th century physician bleeding a hemophiliac. Incumbent career politicians reign supreme as an established special interest. They are a stagnant bureaucracy with little vision and no fresh ideas. Gray Davis sold California’s future to organized labor in exchange for political support.

While the private sector successfully adjusts to realities, the public sector continues to be run like a banana republic. Turn a deaf ear to incumbents whose only platform is touting their "experience" at creating a morass of failed leadership. They just want to keep their jobs and they will sell your future to do it.



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