Neocon vs. Paleocon Equals Defeat

August 11, 2003


The myopic squabbling between the neoconservatives and paleoconservatives is a recipe for Liberal victory. The real Conservative enemy is more than a half century of entitlement legislation from the judicial bench.

American politics is a demographic reflection of American society. Voting is segmented by self-interest. Voting block self-interest is comprised of two main segments; taxpayers and non-taxpayers. Legislative and judicial entitlement "rights" have created incentives for a non-taxpayer breeding factory. Taxpayer procreation is limited by economic bounds.

Conservatives must unite to deliver a Conservative Senate to confirm Conservative Justices nominated by a Conservative President. Reagan, Contract With America and Bush are illusory battle victories. The war is the reversal of entitlements and the disempowerment of non-taxpayers. The Courts are the key to victory, but Conservatives must unite long enough to deliver the Executive and Legislative votes necessary to achieve that victory.

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