California Sauna For Special Interests

August 11, 2003

From 08/10/03 NYT op-ed "Brawny or Scrawny?" by Maureen Dowd:

"But even swaddled by high-priced political advisers, the Terminator could easily terminate, tripping on his own ego or inexperience or past."


Liberals hate people who don’t wallow in the self-pity of their own malaise. The recall election in California is a majestic populist revolt against the special interests, their political lapdogs and all the poop they have created.

There is good reason for the fear coursing through the veins of entrenched media, political, labor and special interest Quislings. If Arnold is elected and drains the California political swamp, it will demonstrate that a determined person of vision can make a difference. That would be terminal for the entrenched interests and they know it!

Dowd should worry about the ego and credibility of the New York Times; Arnold’s "inexperience" can yield no worse results than the "experience" of Davis or any other political hack; and if Arnold’s past is any indicator of his future I said, there is good reason for the vested interests to be sweating.

Tyrants also sweat when the people "break the chains that bind" and leave no excuses for bad character, public corruption and incompetence.

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